Noted – New features

notedlogoI’ve added some new functionality to the Noted web app to make dealing with PDF’s easier.

Note Set

Now, in the Quickbuilder, you can create a set of notes based on a specified class. Notes are automatically added to the set of notes and a list is printed below the Quickbuilder UI. Individual notes can be viewed and deleted from the list and, when all the notes for a class have been written, a single PDF that combines all the reports together can be generated. This means saving and printing only one report per class instead of one for each student.

Updated: I’ve just added AJAX fuctionality to the “class” textbox in the Quickbuilder so the Note Set pops up automatically, according to the class, and populates itself if there are any notes in the set (i.e. if you had previously created the note set for that class and month).

New Note Set feature

New Note Set feature

Printer-friendly gray

I’ve changed the color of reports from black to gray to make printing faster and to preserve printer ink. If you have previously used the Noted application and are still generating black reports, you will need to delete your browser’s cookies and temporary internet files (cache) in order to generate the gray reports (in Internet Explorer: Tools>Delete Browsing History>(Delete files & Delete cookies). You will then need to refresh the page or restart the browser. In Firefox, you’ll need to go: Tools>Clear Recent History>Time range to clear: Everything (make sure the cookies and cache are checked). Let me know if you think the color is too light and I will adjust it.

Gray report

Gray report


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