Cruisy – Application requirements

cruisylogo2.02My final exam is coming up at the end of this month, and I think it will be largely based around the management of software processes (project management). This got me to thinking about the Cruisy web project. I want to model Cruisy, somewhat loosely, around a real-world software project, and follow software development processes as closely as possible (I say that now, but if it really happens is another story!) I’m working on it alone, so a lot of processes reserved for team development won’t be necessary. Similarly, application requirements won’t need as much documentation – considering there’s no one else involved, it’s actually easier to have it all in my head. But on the other hand, things might become clearer if I use analysis tools such as use cases and storyboards. We’ll see…

Here are some tactical decisions I have made, so far:

  • The programming language will be Java. The last application I wrote, Noted, was in PHP, but this time I’m choosing Java because I plan to use a very object-oriented approach. Also, the application will call for integration of some high-level technologies, and I’m more comfortable using Java for that.
  • I want to use a framework for this one – possibly Spring. I haven’t used a framework for my other projects, so this will be something new. Hopefully, this will help to keep the project organised, efficient and maintainable.
  • Caching is going to be a concern. I haven’t had to deal much with this, but it’s something this application is going to need in order to have semi-decent performance.
  • I think I’ll use Eclipse IDE. I’ve been using Netbeans for a while now and really happy with its functionality, but Eclipse has a few things that Netbeans doesn’t. For one thing, it has better code history contol –  you can revert back to old code if you make a screw up. Also, I’d like to check out an Eclipse plug-in called Enerjy, which gives an indication of application quality.

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