WordPress geotagging support

On 12th November, WordPress brought out a new feature which allows geotags to be attached to a blog’s user profile and posts. Once the feature is enabled, setting a geotag to a post is as simple as checking a box to confirm you want the location to be made public. Although searching of geotags has not been enabled yet (they are apparently waiting for more data),  there will be location-based searching for WordPress blogs (GeoSearch) soon.

Wordpress geotagging

Wordpress geotagging

If you’re travelling around and want to show your current location for each blog post, this is a really handy feature, and, once GeoSearch is enabled, I could see that business blogs would also benefit from this.

Here in Taiwan, Google Maps is obviously better set up to recognize Chinese addresses. I had a little trouble getting the app to recognize the address in English (the “Find Address” didn’t work and the “Auto Detect” set a pointer in Neihu when I specified Sijhih), so ended up setting it to a local landmark – the railway station down the road. Some of the comments on Wordpress article introducing this feature (that can be found here) indicate there is some hesitancy to use the service due to privacy concerns. For these people, designating a close-by public landmark, as I did, may be a more viable option. The address supplied is machine-readable only anyway, so if you live in an appartment block, you’re location wouldn’t be able to be pinpointed.

I’ve attached a geotag to this post, and although there seems to be nothing apparently different (no indication of location on the post), behind the scenes the geographic data is being made available to the ‘soon-to-be-lauched’ Geosearch.

 Instructions on how to enable geotagging in WordPress can be found here.


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