IE blues

If you’re a website designer, wherever you look on the net, you’re likely to come across someone with cross-browser incompatability issues, and the most likely the target of any animosity for this will be Internet Explorer. Does IE really deserve this? Well, the answer to that is a bit complicated and not really within the scope of this blog. Yes, I think it’s true that some people have an aversion to the proprietary nature of anything ‘Microsoft’, but the fact is that Mozilla just do some things better. The Mozilla project was originally an effort an effort to build a better browser from the ground up, with the result being Firefox. This is all well and good, but the fact is that the majority of users still use IE and, consequently, it’s essential that a website functions properly in all the recent versions of this browser. 

Firefox is generally friendlier to designers and has the bonus of sophisticated CSS, HTML and javascript editing and debugging facilities, through Firebug. So how much of this animosity is targetted towards IE because designers start designing in Firefox and continue until they are happy with the results, then switch to IE only to see a big, jumbled mess? This has often happened to me, most recently a couple of days ago, and got me to wondering about what would happen if Microsoft improved their debugging and overall design facilities to top Firefox. This way, more designers might begin designing in IE (considering that the masses use it) then check out how it looks in Firefox, instead of the other way around. If not help to turn the tide, I’m sure it would at least go some way to gaining back some respectability…


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