Yoho Kids Hotel (Kenting)

If you have kids and want a fun place to take them, Yoho Kids Hotel is worth considering. Actually, despite it’s name, it’s more of a resort than a hotel, being part of the Yoho Landis Beach Resort, with plenty of amenities to keep the little ones busy. It’s located about 2 hours bus ride from Zuoying high speed rail station (the final stop in the south), with a courtesy pick-up and drop-off included.

Location of Yoho Kids Hotel

Location of Yoho Kids Hotel

The prices for rooms vary, with peak season and weekends more expensive and two-storied accomodation pricier than one-level. We got an end of year deal for a single-level room for two nights at NT$9,920. Included in the price is a very nice buffet breakfast each morning.

The rooms are decorated with colorful theme based wallpaper (there are 34 themes to pick from – we chose the giraffe theme) and each room has a play area with large cushions and a beanbag. The kids get a giftpack which includes a storybook (in Chinese), a windmill, and drawing book and some crayons. They also have kids toothbrushes and toothpaste, and a bag of candy is left on the front door handle of the room each morning.

The room's play area

The resort sits on a beach with large hammocks for lazing on, and although it is mostly hard spiky coral, there is a nice sandy area for making sandcastles …

Sandy fun


…and a rocky tidal zone for exploring and finding little sea creatures.

There’s a big shallow swimming pool for the smaller kids with a giant bucket and water slides, and a couple of other deeper pools for older kids and adults, one of which has a large hydroslide.

Shallow kid's pool

A  children’s library includes a well-equipped play area and a DIY room for making arts and crafts.

The resort runs a variety of activities for the kids throughout the day, such as plays, dance parties, and balloon art.

So, if you’re looking for a place to stay that is taylor-made for the wee kiddies, this is it.


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  1. Kate lovell

    Hi rich. Really good story.

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