I’ve been busy with the Photos section of the Cruisy website lately and have developed the basic functionality for the pop-up galleries. There are two main categories of photos that can be viewed: news, and Taiwan Flickr. The news photos gallery will pop-up when the ‘Photos’ link associated with a particular news story is clicked. Unfortunately, this functionality doesn’t currently exist for Taiwan news articles, but I’m hoping to be able to implement it in the future. The ‘Today in Photos’ section will have a similar pop-up which provides a daily summary of happenings from around the world in photos.

Today in Photos image gallery

The ‘Taiwan Flickr’ section will will also consist of two main features: Flickr ‘pools’ (or groups) related to Taiwan, and a search tool. As with the news photos, pop-ups will also be used to view Flickr galleries. There will be a list of pools to choose from and I’m planning to have a form so that users can add their pool to the list. As well as providing an outlet for photographers, I think this could also be quite a cool feature for any members of clubs or associations in Taiwan as it could be a quick and easy way to check out what happened at an event.

Flickr pools pop-up image gallery


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