Change in architecture

It’s been a while since my last post and I haven’t reported any changes to the Cruisy website. The reason for this is that I have restructured the architecture of the application and have spent the last week or two building it up to where it was before with the new architecture. Before I get into that, I’m sure some of you who have been reading my previous posts will be wondering when this website will be online. I’m hoping not too much longer! If all goes well, it should be up within the next month or two – I’d just like to get it to a point where it’s useful first!

So, anyway, I decided to change the architecture because too much time was spent on the server (i.e. the application was a pig). I was using XSL transformations, which are slow anyway, and my code needed a lot of refactoring. Instead of spending the time dredging through the XSL code and tuning it to become slow instead of very slow, I decided to get rid of XSL transformations altogether and just use JSPs.

I’m almost to the point I was before with the old architecture, which was news and photos, so I hope to post more blog entries of new features soon!


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