Taiwan Flickr with comments

I’ve recently added more functionality to the Cruisy website with regard to comments on Flickr photos. You may be thinking, why have comments on Flickr photos? This can be done in Flickr. Well, yes… But the point here is to aggregate the Taiwan Flickr pools, photos, and comments into one place where they can be accessed easily.  

So, to start off, there’s a ‘Photos’ page which includes a small selection of photos from Taiwan-related Flickr pools.

Taiwan Flickr section on Photos page

If you click any of the Flickr pool hyperlinks, a pop-up gallery will appear (as in one of my earlier posts) with more photos from that pool and if you click on the photographer’s name (in this case it’s Paogao), you’ll be taken to their Flickr page.

Taiwan Flickr Gallery

Clicking on the blue comments hyperlink will pop up a Flickr photos comment dialog (you need to be logged in to add a comment).

Flickr comments dialog

Then, after adding your comment, you can then view it…

Flickr comments dialog

Commented photos can be accessed from elsewhere on the site and can be viewed, with all comments, as an article.

Flickr article with comments

I’ll go more into the comments functionality in a later post. If you know of any Flickr pools that should be included in the list, let me know!


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