School play 1 – The Story of Castles

I’ve been writing a lot of plays lately for my school, and considering the end of the semester is coming up and others might be beginning to write plays, I thought I might contribute them to anybody who might be interested from the teaching community. The first is a play based on the book, “The Story of Castles”.

The Story of Castles

The Story of Castles

If you don’t have access to this book, it’s fine because the play is just a fun, historical account of how castles came about and how they developed with the times. Here it is:

The Story of Castles



Raider 1:

Raider 2:

Villager 1:

Villager 2:

Knight 1:

Knight 2:

(Raiders ride into village to attack the villagers.)

Raider 1&2: We are raiders! The meanest, nastiest people in the land!

Raider 2: Give us everything you have or we will set fire to your village!

Villager 1: (Giving a bag of money) Please, don’t hurt us! We are just poor farmers. This is all the money we have.

Raider 1: Good. Now, we will set fire to your village anyway!

Villagers: Huh?

Raider 2: Because we are the meanest, nastiest people in the land, and that’s what we do!

Raider 1 & 2: HA, HA, HA! (Ride off)

(Sad music)

Lord: Excuse me, what’s the matter? Why are you crying?

Villager 2: (Crying)The terrible raiders destroyed our village and took all our money. Now, we have nothing.

Lord: Hmm. Maybe I can help you. I have knights who can protect your village from the raiders. Whenever you need help, just let me know and they will come to your assistance.

Villager 1: Really? You’re so kind. But we must do something for you in return…I know! We can provide you and your soldiers with vegetables and other produce from our farms.

Lord: (They shake hands) It’s a deal!

(Happy music)

Knight 1: (Squeezed tightly together) Sir, we love working for you, but living in your tiny house feels a little squashed.

Lord: Yes, I can see that. I need a bigger place for all my hard-working knights to live. (Clap, clap) Everyone, get to work!

(Busy music)

Knight: Hooray! Now, we have a wonderful house with a big wooden fence around us to keep our enemies away.

Lord: We cannot call this a “house” – it is too grand. From now on, we will call our home a “CASTLE”!

Knights: (Fire burns down the wooden castle) AH! FIRE!

Knight: Oh, dear. Maybe building a castle of wood was not such a good idea…

Lord: You’re right. We will build a new castle, but this time, it will be made of stone! (Clap, clap) Everybody, get to work!

(Busy music)

Knight: Ah. This is much better. No more destructive fires from now on.

Villager: And there is even enough space for us villagers to live inside. We can do all the lord’s work inside the castle where we can stay safe.

Raider 1&2: (The raiders attack the castle) We are raiders! The meanest, nastiest people in the land!

Raider 1: I think you know why we’re here, lord. Pay up or else there will be big trouble!

Lord: (Handing over a bag of money) Oh, how embarrassing ~

Raider 2: It was a pleasure doing business with you, sir! See you again soon!

Raider 1 & 2: HA, HA, HA! (Ride off)

Knight: (Puts hand on lords shoulder) You can’t let that happen again, my lord. It would destroy your reputation.

Lord: Yes. I can’t lose face like that again. I will build the strongest castle in the land!

Knight 1: With a moat and drawbridge!

Knight 2: And battlements on top!

Lord: And extensions!

Villager 1: And a seven-11!

Lord: No. No seven-11, that would be silly. (Clap,clap) Everybody, get to work!

(Busy music)

Knight 1: Now, we have a protective castle to keep those mean, nasty raiders out.

(Raiders enter)

Raider 1: Who called us nasty! We’re not that bad, are we?

Raider 2: Actually, I think we are. Here’s your money back, Lord.

Raider 1 & 2: We’re sorry!

Lord: Now, we can live together in peace!

All: Hooray!

Knight 2: But, with the stone walls, it is a little noisy in here.

Knight 1: And with all these sweaty knights who don’t take showers, it’s awfully smelly, too.

Villager 2: And with these open fireplaces and narrow castle windows, it always gets to smoky inside.

Knight: Do you know what? I don’t like staying in a castle anymore. I think we would be better off in a house.

Lord: (Slapping forehead) OH, LORD!!

(Ending music)


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