School speech – Marcel Marceau

To go with  the set of plays that I recently posted, here is a speech written for a 6th grade student about Marcel Marceau (I know that the student is supposed to write it, but it didn’t happen in this case!) .

Marcel Marceau

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I am Bip the clown! Actually, my real name is Marcel Marceau. Bip is a pantomime character I created 63 years ago, in 1947, which I used to perform many famous pantomimes. I am a mime artist, and I can make people laugh without saying a single word! I don’t need any props or supporting actors; I can create a whole story with just my body language! My art is similar to magic. I can make objects and people appear and disappear. I can create a world and make the audience see and believe this imaginary place.

So, how did I begin miming? Well, it’s quite a sad story. When the German army invaded my home country of France in World War 2, my brother and I joined the French resistance. The enemy soldiers would go from house to house looking for children. It was my job to hide the children and keep them quiet, so I developed body language that the children could understand.

 After the war, in 1946, I decided to study dramatic arts, then I was given my first major role in a pantomime called “Baptiste”. This was the springboard to my success, leading me to perform all over the world to spread “the art of silence”. Even though I mostly performed on stage, I also appeared on many TV shows and even starred in some movies. In the 1970 movie, “First Class”, played 17 different roles. I can tell you, that was very tiring!

 In 1995, I got together with Micheal Jackson to plan a concert for HBO, but unfortunately it didn’t go ahead because Micheal had a panic attack just before the performance. That reminds me of something very interesting… Do you know Micheal Jackson’s famous dance move, the “moonwalk”. You might be interested to know that Micheal got the idea for this from me!

I have had a wonderful life entertaining people and spreading important messages through my performances without words, and hope I can help people to understand that body language can be a very effective tool for communication. Thank you.


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