Cruisy is was a place for people to read Taiwan-related blogs, browse Taiwan Flickr photos, and catch up on news from around the world.

Since November 2009.

Recent Developments
Early – Mid 2011   Took Cruisy offline. Plan is to re-release with more functionality and new name. Stay tuned!
10-08-10 Changed Blogs section to remove display of content and set all links straight to the blogger’s site. Added a search facility to the Blogs page. Changed the display from “by category” to all blogs by date, with a link to the “View by category” page.
15-07-10 Launched Cruisy!
01-07 Signed up with Rimuhosting and configured remote server.
01-06 Added contributor dashboard.
01-05 Added blog page.
10-04 Added profile page to allow the user to change their details.
01-04 Added info pop-ups.
23-03 Added comments page.
18-03 Implemented comments functionality.
03-03 Added AJAX-enabled region combobox to weather box.
01-03 Completed registration functionality with validation.
27-02 Added AJAX login functionality.
20-02 Completed restructure of architecture to move away from XSL transformations.
27-01 Implemented basic functionality for pop-up photo galleries.
09-01 Added “Today in photos” box.
03-01 Added “Photo of the day” box.
01-01-10 Finished majority of the development and design of the main news section.
15-12 Finalised the design of the main layout.
12-11 Designed and developed a javascript newsreader.
07-10 Designed the cruisy logo and font.
11-09-09 Purchased the domain name.

If you have any suggestions or queries, contact me, Richard, at cruisytaiwan[at]


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