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New Blogs page

I’ve recently revamped the Cruisy Blogs section so now clicking on any link associated with a blog takes readers straight to the blogger’s site. In other words, I’m not displaying the content of blogs on my site anymore  (just the title, an associated image, and a short description). This was a difficult decision to make as it meant I would need to give up the dashboard for contributors and the comments on blogs, but I decided it would be better in the long run as more bloggers would be willing to have their blogs listed and the Blogs page would be able to represent Taiwan bloggers better.

So, now instead of an invitation to bloggers to become contributors, I’m inviting bloggers to join the blogroll (or blog digest)! To join, send me an email at cruisytaiwan@gmail.com. You’ll need to register with the site, as a username needs to be associated with each blog on the blogroll – just let me know your username in your email.

Here’s a shot of the new Blogs page:

New Blogs page

If you saw the old Blogs page, you would have seen that I had organized the blogs into categories, displaying the first three of each. I’ve kept this as an option – a “View by category” hyperlink – but the main page just displays one list of blogs from any category ordered by date.

As part of the new blogs page, I’ve added a search facility at the top. With this you can search any blog by keyword, by category, or both.  With lots of blogs to search, this could be a great way to find out about (amongst others) what people are writing about upcoming events,  information on places to visit, and viewpoints on current events.

Blog searching facility

Thanks for the support of those who had decided to become contributors, and now with the new system, I hope it can help Taiwan bloggers to draw more readers to their site.


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